Rules & Regulations

1. Admission Professional trade and business visitors only.  The Organiser reserves the rights to refuse admission or to remove any person without giving reason. This also applies during the build-up and dismantle period.

2. Booth Space Allocation
Exhibitors would only receive their desired booth on first come first served basis. Exhibition Organiser reserves the right to make changes it deemed necessary.

3. Subletting of Booths
Exhibitors must not transfer, dispose at, part with or otherwise sublet the whole or any part of his site. whether or financial consideration or otherwise.

4. Promotion during the Exhibition
Exhibitors are reminded not to place stickers, signs or posters anywhere in the hall over other than within their own stand. Likewise, exhibitors’ representatives are not allowed to distribute brochures, invitations, etc. along the gangway or near the entrances This is unfair to other exhibitors and cause inconvenience to visitors.

5. Failure to Exhibit
Any organisation which, having confirmed and fully paid to participate in the exhibition, but fails to exhibit, payment submitted would be forfeited. These terms cannot be varied under any circumstances.

6. Booth Contractor
All booth constructions, rentals of furniture and electrical items, electrical and piping installation must be carried out by the Organisers official contractor, lnnogen Sdn. Bhd. The Organiser shall not be responsible for any dispute which arises / may arise between lnnogen Sdn. Bhd. and Exhibitors.

7. Manning of Booths
All Exhibitors are to ensure that their booths are fully manned during the 2 days of exhibition hours.

8. Exhibitions’ Badges
Every company is entitled to maximum 10 badges for staff to man the booth. Additional badges required will be charged at RM 20 per badge.

9. Registration of Exhibitors
Registration of exhibitors will start from 2.00pm 26th April 2024 (Friday).

10. Infringement of Common Areas
All equipment, promotional material, furniture or exhibits are to be placed within the perimeters of exhibitors own booth / space.
Exhibitors are NOT allowed to put up any posters or promotional material in the common areas, eg- pillars, walls partitions, panels etc.

11. Liability Insurance
Security will be arranged throughout the duration of the exhibition 27th & 28th April 2024. Although organiser will do its utmost to ensure the security or the area, they shall not be held responsible in the event of any damage, loss or theft of exhibitors’ and
belongings. All exhibitors are responsible to ensure that their
items are adequately insured.

12. Site Secretariat
For the duration of the event, Organiser will maintain a site secretariat to attend to any concerns and to render any
assistance that may be required by the exhibitors.

13. Unforeseen Occurrences
In the event of any occurrences not foreseen in these Rules and Regulations, the decision of the Organiser shall be final.