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Exhibitor’s Manual

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General Information



16 – 17 April 2022
Daily Opening Hours: 9.00am – 6.00pm


Exhibition Hall 2, Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre


Malaysian Optical Wholesalers Association
Malaysian Association of Practising Opticians
Association of Malaysian Optometrists
Malaysia Optometry Association

Mr Eric Ho
Mobile : +60 12 –679 9426
Tel : +60 3 – 6272 8498
Fax : +60 3 – 6272 8499
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No.1, Jalan Perusahaan 1, Taman Industri Selesa Jaya, 43300 Balakong, Selangor, Malaysia.
Tel : +60 3 – 8961 1108 Fax : +60 3 – 8961 0103 / 0687 Email :


Kuala Lumpur City Centre, 50088 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Tel : +60 3 – 2333 2888 / 2603 Fax : +60 3 – 2333 2882 / 2729
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Official Contractor Move-in & Set-up : 15 April 2022 (Fri) ; 9.00am – 9.00pm
Non Official Contractor Move-in & Set-up : 15 April 2022 (Fri) ; 10.00am – 2.00pm


Registration : 15 April 2022 (Fri) ; 1.00pm onwards


Move-in : 15 April 2022 (Fri) ; 2.00pm – 7.00pm
Final Cleaning : 15 April 2022 (Fri) ; 7.00pm


Exhibitors & Contractors : 17 April 2022 (Sun) ; 6.00pm – 9.00pm

Rules & Regulations

Professional trade and business visitors only. Minors and members of the general public will not be admitted.
The Organiser reserves the rights to refuse admission or to remove any person without giving reason. This also applies during the build-up and dismantles period.


Every booth of 9sqm is entitled to 3 badges for staff to man the booth. Booth at larger size will have badge to maximum 15 pieces per company.


In the event where any of the Exhibitors, having confirmed and fully paid to participate in the exhibition; but fails to exhibit, due to no fault of the Organiser, payment submitted would be forfeited. These terms cannot be varied under any circumstances.


Security will be arranged throughout the duration of the Exhibition. Organiser will do its utmost to ensure the security of the area. The Organiser, Venue and Official Contractor shall not be liable for the safety and security of Exhibitors, their employees, representatives, servants, agents, contractors or invitees, nor for any exhibit materials, articles, documents or other property of whatever kind, brought into the Exhibition venue at any time during the Exhibition.
The Exhibitor shall bear all liability, costs and expenses due to any loss, injury or contractors or invitees as well as that of any third parties and members of the public, however caused as a result of any act, omission, default or negligence on the Exhibitors’ part.


Exhibitors shall make sure that they are fully covered by insurance including, but not restricted to, all risks on their property, exhibits or articles of any kind, public liability and comprehensive protection against any loss or damage caused by any circumstance whatsoever whether by reason of fire, water, theft, accident or any other cause. If the Organiser so demands the Exhibitor shall provide proof to the Organiser that the Exhibitor has adequate insurance cover.

Exhibitor must ensure that all their staff and the staff servants, agents or contractors are insured against claims for workman’s compensation. The period for which such insurance’s shall be maintained shall run from the time the Exhibitor or any of his servants, agents or contractors first enters the exhibition grounds, and to continue until he has vacated the exhibition grounds and all his exhibits and property have been removed.


Exhibitors would only receive their desired booth on first come first served basis. Exhibition Organiser reserves the right to make changes if deemed necessary.


The Exhibitor must not transfer, dispose of, part with or otherwise sublet the whole or part of his site, whatever for financial consideration or otherwise. The Exhibitor must, if he is an agent, distributor or licencee, state at the time of contract the name of the principle to be represented. This does not prohibit and Exhibitor displaying the products of a principle for whom he becomes agent, distributor of licencee after the time of contract, with the prior written permission from the Organiser.


Exhibitors are reminded not to place stickers, signs or posters anywhere in the hall other than within their own booth space. Likewise, exhibitors’ representatives are not allowed to distribute brochures, invitations, etc, along the gangway or near the entrances. This is unfair to the other Exhibitors and an inconvenience to visitors.


All equipment, promotional material, furniture or exhibits are to be placed within the perimeters of Exhibitor’s own booth/space. Exhibitors are NOT allowed to put up any posters or promotional material in common areas; eg: pillars, walls, partitions, panel, etc.


The Organiser shall not be liable to the Exhibitors for any delay, cancellation or non-performance of their obligations under the Contract, in each case to the extent that such occurrence is due to strikes, war, riot, floods, fire or any Act of God or any other circumstances not within their control.


Exhibitors and their staff will not be allowed in the exhibition hall after the show hours. If your displays are very valuable or sensitive and you wish to hire security personnel to attend to your stand exclusively during off show hours, please contact the Official Contractor. Please note that you may not use personnel from other security agencies.
All personnel in the exhibition hall must wear identification badges at all times. Additional Exhibitor Passes and Temporary Work Passes can be obtained from the Organiser’s office on-site. For security and safety reasons, exhibit movement in or out of the exhibition during show hours is not permitted without the written consent of the Organiser.
The Organiser reserves the right to request any of the Exhibitors, their employees, representatives, servants, agents, contractors or invitees, to leave and vacate the Exhibition venue as well as remove their Exhibition materials, if they should in any way cause chaos, discomfort, or threaten the safety and smooth proceedings of the Exhibition in any
manner whatsoever.


The distribution of printed matter and circulation of advertising materials is permitted only at the stand space itself.


All materials used in stand construction must be properly fire proofed to international standards and also in accordance with local regulations.


Supply Voltage: 415 volts 3-phase 4 wire system with neutral point solidly earthed or 230 volts single phase 2 wire system, both subjected to variance of +/-5%.

Frequency:  50Hz with a variation maintained within +/-1%.

Neon Lights:  Usage of neon lights is subject to the approval from the Event Organiser, should any Exhibitor use neon lights without prior approval from the Event Organiser, strict action will be taken against them.


The Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre is the exclusive supplier of food and beverage at the Centre. No outside food and beverage can be brought into the Centre, either by Event Organisers, Exhibitors or third parties for sale, distribution and consumption on-site at any non “Food Exhibitions”.
The Centre operates under the Food Act 1983 and meets the requirements of ISO 22000 Food Safety Management which includes compliance with HACCP standard.

All food served in the Centre is HALAL.
Event Organisers and exhibitors must comply and adhere to these standards.

No exhibitors per person shall distribute, sell or give away any items of food or drinks not supplied by the Centre to public or trade visitors.

Exhibitors can order on-stand catering via ESC Online Portal for the Beverage & Booth Catering Menu.
To find out more, please click the below link: BEVERAGE & BOOTH CATERING ORDER FORM .


Smoking is prohibited in the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre. All public areas, inclusive of Foyers, Registration Counters, Meeting Rooms, Organiser’s Office, Restrooms, Hospitality Lounges and Exhibition Halls are designated as non-smoking zones.


Air-conditioning is not provided in the venue during the build-up or tear-down period. Air-conditioning will be provided to the venue two hours prior to the operational opening time and for one hour after the operational closing time.


The Centre does not provide storage facilities. Any storage requirement for early deliveries, late dispatches and for the holding of packaging materials must be formally submitted to either the Organiser or appointed freight forwarder.


No attachment, fitting or detachment is to be made to the interior or exterior walls, floors, ceiling, or pillars of the Centre, without prior knowledge or consent from Centre’s Management. This includes any equipment or device which would be affixed to or suspended from, any structure of the Centre.

You will be held responsible for, and must have made good at your expense and without delay, all damage and dilapidation caused to the venue, or other infrastructure or any other property at the show by you or your employees, agents or contractors.

Booth Design
1) Standard Shell Scheme Stand

All shell scheme stands are designed, erected and decorated included partitions, company fascia, table, chairs, lightings and carpet. The Organiser reserves the right to make changes on the facilities provided at any time before the commencement of the Fair. Main switch and distribution board may be required to be installed within booth area at the Official Contractor’s

Fascia Board with company name is inclusive in the standard booth package. Display of company name (in English letterings) shall base on name submitted in Fascia Name Form in the manual.

Standard Shell Scheme Stand exhibitors must adhere to the following:

  • No additional booth fitting or display may be attached to the shell booth structure.
  • No tapes, nails or fixtures of any kind are allowed to be affixed to the partitions, floor or ceiling. Exhibitors are liable to any damage caused to their booth fixtures and fitting at the Fair.
  • No items may exceed a height of 2.5 meter or extend beyond the boundaries of the booth allocated. These include but not limit
    to fitting, exhibits, company names, advertising material logos, inflatable ought along by the Exhibitor.
  • All exhibits, stand materials and the like shall be removed immediately after closing of the Exhibition according to arrangements
    and within the time limits specified by the Organiser. Any exhibits or stand materials left behind at the Exhibition Venue shall be
    deemed abandoned. Exhibitors are liable for disposal expense so incurred by the organiser.
  • Installation of electrical equipment, including lighting fixtures, must adhere to the Electrical Regulations of Suruhanjaya
    Tenaga Malaysia stringently. Exhibitors are prohibited to install any sub-standard fittings or wirings, which compromise
    the electrical safety standard.
2. Bare Space Stand / Upgraded Shell Scheme

2.1 Plans & Design Proposals

For Bare Space Stand / Upgraded Shell Scheme, plans and design proposals must be submitted to the Official Contractor for review before deadline.
Drawings submitted must contain information such as floor plan, stand elevation, electrical fittings, carpeting, colours and materials to be used, moving exhibits, any audio-visual equipment to be used, weights and point loading of exhibits etc. Kindly refer to Indemnity Form for submission format sample.

2.2 Bare Space Stand / Upgraded Shell Scheme Exhibitors and Contractors must comply with the following points:

  • All special design technical drawing must be submitted to Official Contractor for approval by 15 March 2022.
  • Height limit allowed for booth construction is 4m.
  • The airspace of adjacent booths is NOT to be used by exhibitors.
  • Exhibitors are responsible and liable for any such contractor’s observance of all Rules and Regulations, including the strict observance of build-up and tear-down schedules.
  • Exhibitors may not lay carpet across adjacent booths.
  • Any raised platform corner must be rounded.

The Organiser reserves the right to charge “any additional cost incurred” any such Exhibitor and / or contractor who has violated the Rules and Regulations or delay in the build-up or tear-down, for additional works requirements as a result of the violation.

2.3 Bare Space Stand & Upgraded Shell Scheme Stand Contractors must comply with the following:

  1. Contractors should strictly follow the Move-in / Move-out schedule set by the Organiser. No prior move-in / out is allowed.
  2. Exhibitors are reminded that it is the responsibility of their own appointed contractor to clean and vacuum the booth upon completion of construction, before handling over to exhibitors and daily cleaning of the booth.
  3. Waste materials (inc. packing materials) must be disposed accordingly by the appointed stand contractor.
  4. All construction materials, empty crates and equipment must be removed from the venue and loading dock immediately after the construction and dismantling period. Otherwise, storage and clearing charge will be imposed on the contractors.
  5. No slipper or sandal is allowed especially during build up and tear down period.
  6. Use easily removable carpet tape. Do not use adhesive glue. Ensure to remove all tape from booth. Failure to do so, exhibitor/appointed contractor will be liable to pay Organiser for removal which will be charged at per metre length.
  7. All materials used in the construction of booths, such as drapes, fabric walls, signs, banners, acoustical materials and all decorative materials, that will be installed or located near or exposed to any heat source (lighting fitting, power connection or etc.) regardless of any size of the material used, must be flame-retardant and meet either the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 701 standard, BS5867
    • Part 2: British Standard Specification for Fabrics for Curtains, Drapes and Window Blinds or other related standard.
    • A Certificate of Flame Resistance must be submitted with booth design submission.
  8. Activities, such as welding and grinding, which involve the generation of hot sparks, are not allowed to be carried out in the Centre.
  9. Construction materials are not allowed to be piled onto the EMERGENCY AISLE, obstruct fire exits and firefighting equipment. All materials must be kept within the contracted booth space at all times

2.4 Refundable Performance Bond & Administration Fee

All Contractors other than the Official Contractor must place a Refundable Performance Bond.

  • For booth 36sqm & below @ RM 3,500.00
  • For booth 37sqm – 72 sqm @ RM 6,000.00
  • For booth 73sqm & above @ RM 10,000.00

The refundable performance bond will be refunded to the exhibitors / outside contractors within a month after the conclusion of the fair provided no damages or delays are caused by outside contractor.

An Administration fee of RM 23.00 per sqm (Minimum levy RM 210.00) will be imposed to contractors other than the official contractor for processing and approval purpose. Payment should be made payable to the Official Contractor for processing and approval purpose.

2.5 Power Supply & Lighting
Lighting connection work in all Malaysia Optical Fair must be carried out by Official Contractor. Without any exception, Exhibitors including those who provide their own lighting fixtures will be charged the lighting connection fees according to the rates in Electrical & Lighting Form.

  1. Lighting connections are charged according to the number of tubes and bulbs lighted on the stand.
  2. Light boxes are charged according to the number of tubes in each light box, using the lighting connection rate. Exhibitors are encouraged to use tubes of higher wattage (maximum 100 watts) wherever possible.
  3. Exhibitors who provide their own lighting fixtures containing wiring installation must comply to the following procedures:
    • Submit detailed drawings of such installation to Official Contractor.
    • Show proof that such installation is carried out by a registered wiring contractor with relevant Class of Certificate of Registration issued by the Director – General of Electrical Inspectorate, Malaysia or its equivalent.
    • Use materials approved by the Department of Electrical Inspectorate, Malaysia. Non-compliance o the above would result in immediate termination of power supply and/ or Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre (Hall Owner) penalty charges.
  4. Exhibitors whose lighting fixtures are found to have been the cause of trips in power supply will be responsible for all re-energisation charges.
  5. One power point is assigned to one machine only. No multi-point connection and / or extension is allowed.

2.6 Occupational Safety and Health Ordinance

For all construction with wooden materials involved, raw space contractors are required to prepare one functional fire extinguisher at a conspicuous spot within the assigned are during the construction period for safety reason.

2.7 Occupational Safety and Health Ordinance

Exhibitors and / or their contractors must comply with Occupational Safety and Health Ordinance in construction and dismantling the stands.

  1. Make sure the workplace is safe and healthy.
  2. Provide and maintain safety working equipment and procedures.
  3. Appoint authorized person for on-site supervising of installation / dismantling works.

Order Form Checklist

All above order forms are accessible via Innogen Online Services Centre.

  • Click on to Innogen Online Services Centre
  • Exhibitor will receive individual Password / UEI Code to log in to the homepage via email.
  • Browse through relevant forms, fill in the necessary form require and submit it online with a click of button.

The ESC portal allows exhibitors to easily access and order a variety of add-on services as well as pay online in their own time – at any time – minimizing hassle.

  1. Click on Malaysia Optical Fair and Sign-Up.
  2. Complete required details as a new user on your first visit to the site.
  3. Key in your booth/stand number and click “Ok”.
  4. You will be taken to the homepage to browse and purchase products and services and online payment.
  5. Your order will be sent directly to our teams to process in readiness and you will also receive an email confirmation.
  6. Find out more about the ESC portal via video here.
  7. Deadline to Order: 8 April 2022.