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MOF 2024

MOF 2024 is the largest optical exhibition in ASEAN with international standards of professionalism. It is a great business platform for the Malaysian optical industry players. This exhibition also offers trade opportunities, latest information on trends and complete product showcase. It is the fundamental meeting point for eyecare practitioners, suppliers and wholesalers.










MOWA Welcome Speech
<strong>Eric Ho</strong>
Eric Ho
President of Malaysian Optical Wholesalers Association
Organizing Chairman
Year 2020 will be a lively and exciting year for the optical industry. MOWA, MAPO, AMO & MOA are organizing the Malaysia Optical Fair 2020 (MOF 2020) and will be the Fourth Malaysia Optical Fair.

This event will be held on 11th and 12th April 2020. She will serve as a perfect platform for all Malaysian Optical wholesalers whereby new products will be displayed, bringing more awareness and creating more business opportunities. MOF 2020 will be held at the famous Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre whereby most of the International Trade Shows are hosted. Both participating exhibitors and visiting ECPs will be able to feel the international prestige with this famous venue.
It will be a great pleasure and honor to extend our invitation to all our optical wholesalers and visiting ECPs colleagues to participate in MOF 2020 on behalf of MOWA, AMO, MAPO & MOA. To all members of MOWA, MOF 2020 will be unleashing a number of surprises and innovative ideas to assist participants in finding more new business partnerships. To all non-members of MOWA, now is a good chance to be a member and find out more on the benefits of being part of MOWA family.
The four Associations will be holding AGMs concurrently on these two days. We will see a huge crowd of visitors from the 3 main Malaysian Optical Retail Associations where we will meet, gather, mingle, have fun and lastly and most importantly, to SHOP at the exhibition stalls.  We are sure MOF 2020 will be an even more exciting and fulfilling party for every participant. Thanking all in advance.

MAPO Welcome Speech

<strong><strong>Edmund Teng</strong></strong>

Edmund Teng
President of The Malaysian Association of Practicing Opticians*
Malaysia Optical Fair (MOF) is a joint effort between 4 optical associations. MOF2020 will be our 4th Collaboration and the year 2020 is very meaningful to our optical industry.

Thanks to both exhibitors and visitors, the past fairs were very successful with good participation and support. With their continuous effort, we are confident that the 2020 show will be more exciting, more innovative products, more business networking and opportunities to all.
To my fellow Eye Care Practitioners (ECP), make a trip to MOF2020. I promise you will benefit much. This event is mainly organized by ECP, especially for ECP.



AMO Welcome Speech
Ahmad Fadhullah Bin Fuzai

President of Association of Malaysian Optometrists

Dear AMO members,

It was truly a great honour and privilege to serve all the members as AMO President for the year 2020/2022. I would also like to thank and acknowledge the current Exco members for their commitment to serve our profession.

As we all know, AMO members or optometrist in general are coming from vast industry lines. Some of us are working as public optometrist, academician, private optometrists with practices and last but not least those optometrist who works in industry. Despite all the differences, we are still one community at the end day. I highly believe it is crucial to bring optometrist to a better standard than just “Kedai Cermin Mata”. With the recognition, we will be able to see the optometry future to be brighter. This will not only help the public to understand more about the roles of optometrist but as well bring values of our services to the community.

As we move on in this challenging journey, AMO will set new plans to strengthen our purpose. This year our focus is to upgrade our practice to be a Primary Eye Health Centre. We need to start calling our practice as Community Optometrist and try to avoid mentioning Optical Shop or ‘Kedai Cermin Mata’. Community Optometrist represent most optometrists work on the high street, carrying out eye examination on patients of all ages with all kind of conditions, and advising them on how to look after their eyes and vision.

I am pleased to inform that the AMO is taking the lead in working with most of the suppliers in Malaysia to establish a continuing education program. Today, continuing education is the best way for eye care practitioners to improve and update their knowledge, skills and approach, and to stay competitive in this fast changing global situation. We also encourage all optometrists to keep on upgrading their knowledge in the various, new sub-specialties in optometry, such as primary eye care, contact lenses, ortho-keratology, paediatrics, low vision, sports vision, and so on.

I am also happy to see that AMO, as the main optometry body representing Malaysian optometrists, has stepped up efforts to improve ties with our industry partners. For this profession to progress in Malaysia, we have to see the total involvement of all optical industry players. We sincerely hope that the optical suppliers will constantly upgrade their products and services to global standards, and that they will expand and be successful not only in Malaysia but also on the world platform.

Once again, let me reiterate that optometrists are the front-liners in primary eye care and they should lead all other eye care practitioners in achieving their full potential, so that the public will receive world class services from them. On this note, I once again wish to thank you everyone.




MOA Welcome Speech

<strong><strong><strong>Steven Ng Choon Lim</strong></strong></strong>
Steven Ng Choon Lim
President of Malaysian Optometry Association



To all opticians and optometrists
Dear Fellow Professionals,
We cordially invite you to visit the Malaysian Optical Fair 2020 to be held on 11th and 12th April 2020 at Hall Two, Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre(KLCC ), Kuala Lumpur.
During the fair, the trade prominent vision care professionals will conduct numerous seminars.  Admission is free. You are advised to register online early. Please visit our website for further details.
As a token in appreciation of your attendance, several lucky draws will be conducted on both days throughout the exhibition hours, 9am to 6pm.
Looking forward to meeting you at the Fair.
Thank you!